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About Riverside Outreach

We are a primary school for pupils who have special educational needs, including those with social and communication difficulties, autism, speech and language difficulties, and learning difficulties.


What is purpose of Riverside Outreach?

The purpose of Riverside Outreach is to work with our mainstream colleagues to provide a truly inclusive learning experience that meets the needs of all pupils.


Our goals:

By sharing and advising different strategies and resources we aim to support practitioners to become more confident in delivering and sharing good practice within their own settings. This can include:

  • Training on the best practice to support pupils with autism
  • Supporting pupils to become independent learners.
  • Sharing and offering advice, expertise and experience to develop curriculum access and planning.
  • Supporting teachers to differentiate the curriculum, related resources and support materials.
  • Understanding behaviour as a communication.
  • Ensuring that the class environment is inclusive to all children