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Pupil Voice - Therapy and Pupil Voice

Therapy and Pupil Voice


All our therapists are vital for supporting us to enable Pupil Voice. Along with their expertise, we are able to ensure all our pupils have a voice, whatever their method of communication. 


Counselling and Drama Therapy





Tracy is our Counsellor and Drama Therapist.


She is currently working with a small number of pupils across KS2 to support them to understand and make sense of confusing and sometimes upsetting situations within a safe and therapeutic environment.


Sessions include many aspects of creativity, including play, art, drama and story-telling, music and movement.





Many of you will know our Occupational Therapist, Clare Townsend.



Clare works with individual pupils to ensure their sensory needs are met through individual sensory integration programmes.


She also works alongside teachers and whole classes to ensure sensory provision within the classroom and sensory rooms supports pupils to be ready to access and engage in learning in a way that is purposeful and meaningful for them.


Clare has a vital role in supporting staff to understand what pupils are telling us they need through their interactions with their environment and through their behaviour and communications.




Chloe Earley Speech and Language Therapist.




Chloe works with pupils and class teams to enhance opportunities for pupils to communicate effectively and have their voices heard.


She is currently supporting the writing of Communication Passports that enable a consistent approach to communication for pupils across the school.


Chloe also works with individual pupils and whole class teams to support the work they are doing on Zones of Regulation.






The Zones of Regulation help pupils to become more aware of and independent in recognising and communicating how they are feeling.



Developing the skills to move towards more independent self-regulation and manage their feelings in a safe and appropriate way, supports pupil mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Please see our Pupil Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy for further information if you would like to know more about these.