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Friday 15th January - update

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that all of you have had a good week and keeping safe while at home.


I'm sure that many of you are aware that our local hospitals are continuing to struggle with the number of patients arriving with Coronavirus. There were 810 new cases in Havant during the last week. My main aim is to try and be sure that each person in our community has the least number of social contacts so that we don't spread the virus. As a consequence, I am limiting the number of pupils that are accessing education at Riverside School. This is helping everyone to socially distance and helping my staff to feel safe while working in school.


The Government has published guidance for the opening of special schools. It states that "We recognise that the characteristics of the cohorts in special schools and alternative provision will mean these settings will continue to offer face-to-face provision for all pupils and students, where appropriate." After risk assessing all of the pupils and considering the needs of those who are essential workers, we have about 50% of the pupil population in school. We are able to keep everyone well separated and ensure that there is time to implement the rigorous health and safety control measures. 


Mrs Wright and the class teachers have been phoning you this week to check if there is anything further we can do to support those of you who have chosen to keep your child/children at home. Your child's absence will not be penalised. Thank you for making that choice as it helps us to support our school and wider communities through this difficult time.


Please make sure you join your class zoom call with Gill Stoll and Alison Wright over the next few weeks. Mrs Wright will be able to answer your questions about Seesaw and even show you some of the sessions - they are really easy to access and your child will enjoy taking part.


Please remember - this is an every changing situation - so log on to the website regularly and keep an eye on our texting service app.


Kind regards


Catherine Le Roux