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Covid case in Robins Class

Dear Parents and Carers

A member of Robins class has this morning tested positive for COVID. Your child has been in close contact. In line with Government guidance, please could you use lateral flow tests (LFTs) for the next 7 days - if you cannot test your child, then please test yourselves. If you test positive, then you must inform the school, notify your result on NHS app and isolate for 7+ days. If you have been unable to test your child or your LFTs continue to show positive, then they too must isolate with you - they will need to isolate for 10 days if untested. 


Please be vigilant for any symptoms:

  • cough
  • loss of taste or smell (off their food)
  • upset stomach
  • temperature

If you at all unsure then please contact the school office. 


Thank you for your continued cooperation during these challenging times.


Kind regards

Catherine Le Roux