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COVID catch up premium

The Government have given schools additional funding to help schools plan for the full return of all pupils.


We have prioritised the funding for:

Play Therapy 1 day per week for a year (15 pupils) = £7200

Ipads for home learning £7725 in spring term and £7725 in the summer term (60 ipads) = £15450

Additional support for reading, speaking and listening activities in the summer term = £5000


Impact Statement

During the summer term, teachers set each pupil 3 targets that were identified through our classroom data gathering and attendance data. These targets were set to help pupils bridge gaps in their learning. Many of our pupils met their end of year targets in English and Communication and in Maths.


Teachers used the videos that we had produced on Seesaw to enhance pupils learning in the classrooms. Each lesson, small groups of pupils watched the 5 minute piece of teaching on the Ipad and then worked with a support assistant to complete short tasks. The pupils really enjoyed seeing teachers on the Ipads and we saw high levels of engagement from pupils in their learning.


Pupils in Years Five and Six had access to personal Ipads in class each day during June and July. They spent time learning to photograph their own work and comment on it. Ipads then went home at the weekend so that work could be shared with families and comments made. Families enjoyed seeing their children's work and we look forwards to extending these home/school learning opportunities for children across the school.